Core to my mission as a designer is to use my core values: trust, empathy, humility, and communication in making positive change, often through small, purposeful actions. In this work, I build on a lifetime of design exploration, design practice, and aspects of leadership to make the world a better place.

Design leadership and wellbeing

I am passionately dedicated to helping people overcome both mental and physical limitations to become the best they can be. I am an advanced yoga practitioner and I am certified in Functional Range Conditioning, and I have helped people with physical limitations experience less pain and gain increased mobility. I have helped others to improve communication skills, and still others to reach higher in their careers.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

I have been working to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion at CMU since 2018. My overarching goal is to increase, sustain, and retain diverse stakeholders at the university, and to create an equitable and inclusive environment.